On the Horizon

I have SO many things on my to do list – mostly just projects around the house, but what I’m really excited about doing next weekend is trying my hand at pickling. No, not the real steam bath or pressure canning, but the refrigerator type. I’ve decided on a few things to pickle – garlic, jalapenos, tomatillos and of course, cucumbers. My mom used to can a ton when I was younger and I could hardly wait for those pickles to be ready during Christmas time. There was a great post by Shauna aka GlutenFreeGirl inviting everyone to a pickle party… all though I’ll be late to the party, I can’t wait to attempt pickling (even if it is the easy kind!) She has a very comprehensive list of pickling recipes in this post, some are of the refrigerator variety, some of the steam bath canning variety. I wish I had time to try them all! Ps- if you don’t follow Shauna on Twitter or read her blog regularly, I highly recommend it!

The other thing I’m really looking forward to trying is making churros. My friend Emily and I went to Spain together during college and quickly found out that in almost every single cafe they sold churros. Luckily we walked enough so we didn’t gain too much weight, but just thinking about those delicious fried sweet treats brings a smile to my face. I got a new Rick Bayless cookbook last week and there it was, a recipe for churros. My mom has a cookie press that luckily has an attachment for churros -what luck! A few other things on my long list of things to make are homemade tortillas and tamales… probably during a crappy fall day ūüôā

So with that being said, I all ready have my whole next weekend planned out!

I’m headed to Texas today for work – it will be an interesting time. My first time meeting with some of the dealers that I work with, some good ‘ole Texas boys as I’ve been told. I will finally be getting a good dose of heat I’ve been so desperately needing (a BIG dose, since the highs there are in the low 100’s). But what I’m most excited for is being able to¬†legitimately¬†being able to wear my beloved cowboy boots. This is my very first business trip – and I’m dorkily nervous! I’ve been working with car dealers for almost 4 years now, so I should know what to expect… but meeting face to face is totally different.

Packing was a total disaster! I’ve been to Texas before, but never in the summer. It’s also a challenge to pack for business. Normally I would pack suit pants, nicer dresses that kind of thing – but West Texas is a whole different story. Things are a little more laid back there, so I kept it business casual (more business than casual). The other challenge is trying to look nice without sweating my ass off – so I packed 2 short sleeve dresses (long enough to where I don’t look trashy), a pencil skirt with a short sleeve blouse and nice black capri pants with another nice short sleeve blouse. I brought a few pairs of heels and my cowboy boots of course.

I’m guessing I won’t have time to post this week, unless I find myself really bored in my hotel room – but I all ready can’t wait until I’m back in Seattle on Friday! Until then…


One thought on “On the Horizon

  1. Yay! Churros! Don’t forget to melt the hot chocolate dipping sauce! If you need a sous chef (or more likely sous taste tester…) call me up! Have a great trip, Business Lady!

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