The Pizza Delivery Competition

First off, a little background. Seattle Pizza Club was founded in 2010 as a way for friends to discover new pizza places, share favorite pizza places and mostly to eat pizza. The club is so official, it even has its own set of rules including always having cash (to make the bill process easier), no left-overs and always ending the night with the S-P-C cheer.  SPC has been to over a dozen pizza restaurants and eaten well over 100 different pies.

Last week the Seattle Pizza Club gathered in West Seattle to taste test 8 different delivery pizzas. All were ordered to be delivered at the same time, however only 2 showed up at the same time… awkward! (In case you were wondering, Pizza Hut showed up first.)   A few of the pizza places were unknowns to most of us, but they ranged from local pizza joints, to a few of the main pizza delivery places. Below are each of the different delivery services and what we ordered from each along with the results by person.


Zeek’s – half Puget Pounder, half Cherry Bomb
Pizza Hut – Stuffed Crust with Cheese
Pizza Gallery – Veggie Special
Papa John’s – Pepperoni, Jalapeno and Pineapple
Red Star  – 1. Hawaiian 2. Pepperoni (also got cheese bread with sauce)
Luciano’s – “House Special” aka Kitchen Sink
Domino’s – 1. Cheese 2. Pepperoni, Olive, Mushroom and Canadian Bacon
Olympia Pizza – Spicy Pepperoni


*The (-) means that the person did not try that type of pizza – no points were awarded for no tastes. 

Zeek’s was hands down the favorite, while Domino’s came in dead last. Much to our surprise, Red Star – one of the unknowns came in second. All in all it was a successful competition, even though – there were left overs.

Stay tuned for next month’s meeting at Stellar Pizza in Georgetown!


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