Wing Challenge #1

I love wings. OK, so I know I say I love a lot of things… but I do love wings. I didn’t really start eating them until I met my boyfriend (so thank you Fisher) but after the first one, I was hooked. A few weeks back, I was chatting with a friend of mine and happened upon the subject of wings and how much we both love them. He had found an article on “the best wings in W.Seattle”  and we immediately decided we needed to give them a try, and thus the wing challenge was born.

The first two stops on our list were Alki Tavern and Tat’s Delicatessen (which I had NO idea even had wings, they are famous for their glutenous sandwiches).  We first stopped in at Tat’s, no lines at 5pm PS. They offer one type of wing, authentic buffalo (regular or hot), served with blue cheese and ranch. They describe their wings as “crispy” and we for the most part agreed. We got the hot authentic buffalo and felt the heat was good, it left a bit of a sting on your lips, but was no where near unbearable. The wings were smaller than we are used to, which we surmised lead to the crispy texture. Aside from the minimal amount of veggies on the side, we were pleasantly surprised at how solid these wings were.
Wing Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Second on our list was Alki Tavern. I had never even heard of this place before I read the article posted above, but was excited to try Sweet Lou’s wings. On Monday’s, he sets up a fryer outside of the bars entrance and does wings all night (but only on Monday’s). It’ll set ya back $5 for 10 wings. (probably can’t see this picture very well, but I’m posting it anyway – It’s the sign talking about “Trophy Wings” near the window where you order)

These wings were less spicy, but still had a good flavor. They were less crispy than the Tat’s wings, but the meat was juicier and the wings were plumper. The only thing that could have made this wing better was a tad more spice and a bit more crispiness. Sweet Lou even delivered the wings himself.
He even provided us with an empty container AKA the Bone Yard (as he called it) for our bones.
Wing Rating: 8.25 out of 10

Overall, two pretty solid wing spots! Next on the list is the International District, for a different take on wings. What’s your favorite wing place?


3 thoughts on “Wing Challenge #1

  1. Mmmm I LOVE wings too. With a good glass of beer, good ranch….perfect Friday night 🙂 What are some of your favorite spots to go in Seattle? I am going to be moving there in March or April. Pretty excited to get the hell out of Dodge…as the saying goes.

    • As of right now my favorite wing spot is called Wing Masters in Ballard! But we have a lot of places to try and I think our next adventure to the International District is going to be quite enlightening! And yay for moving to Seattle 🙂

  2. Hubs is obsessed with wings and by obsessed I mean that I think he mentions wanting wings at least every other day. These wings all look fantastic! Have you tried making wings yourself yet? I think that may have to be next on my list, especially with all the football parties and guys who need wings with their beer!

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