Culinary Bucket List

***Update: I have decided that it is just not possible to only have 30 things on my “Culinary Bucket List” or to complete it by 30. I’m sure much of what I want to check off could take me the rest of my life. As I continue to cross things off, I will continue to add new things on, so… here’s to getting started!***
Most people have a bucket list for general life goals, but lately I’ve been inspired (thanks to my friend Hannah who loaned me the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver) to create a cooking/baking bucket list. This list will probably take me forever into my 30’s to complete, mostly because a lot of these endeavors require special equipment and my tiny apartment is not large enough to accommodate more kitchen gadgets, but I would love to see most of these checked off the list before, well I die 🙂 the big 3-0 hits. Some (like the bread) seem simple while others (like the cheese making) seem daunting. I’m hoping to cross off one item every -every/other month and learn a thing or two along the way!

1. Make homemade bread
2. Make cheese from scratch
3. Learn to can
4. Make eggs benedict
5. Make a pizza entirely from scratch
6. Make corn tortillas from scratch
7. Make tamales
8. Make re-fried beans from scratch
9. Make a meal entirely from local ingredients
10. Learn the mother sauces
11. Make sausage
12. Make gnocchi from scratch   (will post recipe soon)
13. Make sorbet
14. Cook a recipe from each of the cookbooks I own (as of today, I’m sure the collection will grow)
15. Make Creme Brulee
16. Make a souffle
17. Make meringues
18. Make sushi
19. Cook duck
20. Make Beef Wellington
21. Create a “signature” bbq recipe
22. Make a flavored vodka
23. Roast a rack of lamb
24. Make kimchi
25. Make an authentic German meal
26. Successfully make caramels
27. Make bananas foster (or just light something on fire)
28. Make soup in a pumpkin
29. Confit something
30. Cook a whole fish
31. Make a pop over
32. Make cobbler in a mason jar


5 thoughts on “Culinary Bucket List

  1. Your bucket list sounds like fun and some will be very easy for you to achieve. This summer I posted a recipe for a strawberry martini using a strawberry infused vodka. It was truly summer in a glass. You might enjoy making it when you have wonderfully sweet strawberries.

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