My Date with a Souffle

So I wrote out a culinary bucket list last month and one thing I had wanted to make was a souffle. One of my besties, Hannah, and I decided to embark on this one together, and I’m glad we did. It’s not that making a souffle is that hard, you just need to be quick handed, so it helped to have two of us together in the kitchen for our first try.

There are a ton of recipes out there for souffles, many of which you can customize. We were too nervous to add anything to ours, so we followed each recipe to a tee. We settled on Julia Child’s Cheese Souffle recipe from Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home and a Chocolate Souffle recipe from the

We served the souffles with a green salad laced with bacon and avocado with a simple vinaigrette and plenty of wine. I’m not going to individually type each recipe out, but I will give a few tips and tricks that we found to be helpful.

1. The first time you make these – have a buddy it really helps, plus it’s more fun!
2. Read the recipe through a few times and make sure that you have all the ingredients measured out and ready to grab ahead of time.
3. Add a little more chocolate than called for in the chocolate souffle.
4. Don’t be afraid to add things to the basic cheese souffle recipe – as Jacque would say, treasures.
5. Getting soft peeks in your egg whites takes time, often 5 minutes or more depending on your mixer. Be patient.

(about 2 minutes in)
(about 4 minutes in)
(Soft Peeks… FINALLY!)
6. Don’t be tempted to open the oven to check on it until the timer goes off.
7. Make sure you have a lot of bowls
8. Be OK with your kitchen being a TOTAL disaster.

I am thrilled to report that our cheese souffle turned out beautifully and we so excited to watch it rise. The chocolate souffles were so so. As I said above, it would have been better with more chocolate. I also over-filled the ramekins a little (as the recipe called for 8oz. ramekins and I only had 6oz) so they didn’t rise as impressively as the cheese one did.
All in all a success and that’s one more thing to cross of on the list!


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