About Me

Hi friends – welcome to my blog!

I am a born and raised Seattle “ite” and currently work as a social media/community manager in the gaming industry. I am obsessed with the social media scene and am fortunate enough to be able to channel my obsession into my work. Somehow I found my way here after getting a degree from Western Washington University in Political Science. By a strange stroke of luck I was thrown into the crazy world on online marketing… where I couldn’t be happier.

All though I love all things social, my real passion is cooking. I grew up cooking and baking with my mom and grandma, who both instilled a love and appreciation of food in me from an early age. Neither cooked with recipes and always produced food full of love and character which I greatly admire and will always aspire to. I was never picky as a kid and ate anything and everything anyone put in front of me.

My first cookbook was the Betty Crocker for Boys and Girls cookbook (circa 1957) which was my moms from when she was a kid. I loved that thing – mainly the pictures of course! After trying my hand at a few cakes, I quickly discovered that baking was not my thing (too many measurements for me) and quickly took an interest in cooking. When I left for college, my mom gave me my first real cookbook The Fannie Farmer Cookbook a staple in Americana cooking. It was there my cookbook collection began, and hasn’t stopped ever since.

For me, there is nothing better to relax with than a glass of wine and my kitchen. It’s my domain, my creative outlet and most importantly my zen place – a place where I can decompress and create.

Along with cooking, I also love love love finding and trying new restaurants. Happy hours are quite possibly my favorite things in the world and I always love exploring the fascinating world of wine (especially local WA based wineries).

I chose the name GutsyCompass for my blog because… well… it takes guts to follow the unexpected series of events that are life. Not everything happens as planned. Thanks again for stopping by – and taking part in my adventure with me!


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great blog! I understand exactly what you are talking about– cooking is such a creative outlet for me too. If you ever come to Spain I’ll give you a culinary tour here!

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